SC 3D Pedometer

This tracker records steps, calories, distance & time. Clip it to any pocket, belt or bra to conceal your fitness tracking. No computer or app required.

Type: Pedometer

Get Ready for

SC 3D Pedometer

An easy to use Activity Tracker that captures the data you need to know


The SC 3D Pedometer is...




Unique 2-Button design
takes only 2 minutes to setup
Accurate Multi-function Tracking Clip on, Place in a pocket
or Hang from your neck
with the Lanyard cord.


A High Tech tracker with ease of use baked-in

Many studies have shown that Activity
Trackers motivate a person to increase
their activity levels.
What those studies don't tell you, is if you
can't figure out how to use your Tracker,
then it is good for nothing.


Choose your Style Preference

  SC 3D Pedometer SC 3D Pedometer Blue SC 3D Pedometer Pink  


Your Complete Activity Profile in One Tracker

  SC 3D Pedometer - Step Counter SC 3D Pedometer - Mile Tracker SC 3D Pedometer - Calorie Counter  
  Capture More Steps Track your Miles Calories Burned  
  A Visual Daily Target Bar motivates you to add more steps

How many Miles / Km do you walk each day?

How many calories will you burn today?

  SC 3D Pedometer - Activity Timer SC 3D Pedometer - 30 Day Memory Log SC 3D Pedometer - All Time Counts  
  Total Activity Time 30 Day Memory Log All-Time Activity  
  It is recommended to exercise 150 minutes per week. Are you hitting that goal? Memory Log shown by date to avoid confusion
No need to jot your daily totals down on paper any longer. Quickly view your totals
since you started


"Excellent product, excellent customer service!
This pedometer is simple to use and is lightweight but efficient. I love it. David at Lumen Technology was most helpful in solving a small problem for me, and he offered lightning-fast communication. I cannot recommend this company highly enough--they really care about customer satisfaction. Excellent consumer experience. - Cathy K. 

Additional Features

Pedometer Watch

Convenient watch displays 12hr / 24hr formats

Large Display Pedometer Easy to See
Large easy view screen
Long Battery Life Long Battery Life
365 Days before a change. 
Auto Resets at Midnight Auto-Resets
Clears at  midnight. Fresh starts daily.
No Computers, No Apps, No Bluetooth required No Computer / Apps
No connectivity issues or privacy concerns.

Settings (Ranges) What's in the Box
  • Supports users weighing 44 lbs. to 441 lbs
  • Supports stride length from 12 inches to 71 inches
  • 8 Step False Start Monitor 
    (Starts counting at 9 after 
    8 consecutive steps)

  • OZO Fitness SC 3D Pedometer
  • Removable action belt clip 
  • Lanyard cord
  • Battery 1x CR-2032 
  • User manual + Access to our Help Desk should you have a question

  •  Buyers Trust the OZO Fitness Brand to be Quality Premium Products

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