OZO Fitness Polarized Sports Sunglasses (SMOKE)

Flow Sunglasses not only look and feel amazing but they also provide an outstanding view of the world!

Type: Sunglasses

It's no secret that polarized lenses offer vastly superior optical comfort when there is bright reflective light on surfaces like water, snow or roads and the reasoning is simple.

They eliminate scattered light and restore vivid color. At OZO Fitness, we have combined this unmistakable quality with designer style to enhance your personal image and your viewing experience! You will know they are on your face!

When your new Flow Sports Sunglasses arrive, you will have great new eyewear with 100% protection from Ultra Violet light, a specially woven storage bag and cleaning cloth to ensure your glasses stay looking like new. Simply put, you won't find a better set of sunglasses at this price anywhere, with such high quality and value!

Anti-Glare Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses reduce glare from surfaces

Enhances Contrast - Polarized Sunglasses Enhances Contrast
Delivers a crisp, natural view of the world around you.
Reduce Eyestrain - Polarized Sunglases Reduce Eyestrain
Provides excellent visibility in bright conditions


  • Bridge width = 18mm
  • Arm length = 130mm
  • Lens height = 43mm
  • Frame material = Plastic
  • Lens material = Anti-Relfective
  • Lens type = Polarized
  • Lens color = Smoke
  • Frame color = Matte Black
  • Size = Medium


  • Flow Polarized Sunglasses in Matte Black with Smoke Lenses
  • Protective bag
  • Special woven cleaning cloth 

When you purchase our Flow Sports Sunglasses know that you have:

1. Superbly constructed sunglasses created with TAC 7 Layer Polarized Lenses. Shock, Scratch and Glare resistant!

2. Ergonomically fitted nose bridge with integrated rubber nose pads for extra grip and comfort

3. Fashionable and Highly Functional Sunglasses. The Matte Black Frames and Smoke Lenses work great for men, ladies, boys and girls alike. 

 Buyers Trust the OZO Fitness Brand to be Quality Premium Products

Taking care of your sunglasses

To reduce the chance of lens damage, avoid cleaning your sunglasses with tissues, paper towels, clothing, household detergents or soaps. Today's extra strength soaps are powerful enough to damage lenses.

Avoid leaving your sunglasses on car dash. Prolonged exposure to oven-like temperatures inside a car could damage the lenses and frame. 

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