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CS1 Easy Pedometer

This lightweight pedometer is both clip-on and belt-clip compatible, so you can conveniently wear it on your clothing. It delivers a simple way to count your steps with no setup required. The 3D motion sensor is accurate to within 5%. The large easy to read digital display shows up to 99,999 steps.

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Customer Reviews

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Maureen Murry

I liked my old OZO better, which calculated everything for me; however, I am adjusting to this one and doing very well. I will probably purchase a more advanced pedometer later on, and it will be an OZO!

Yvonne Kay
Love it!

I had a previous model of the Ozo pedometer for several years. It was great. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered this model. It’s great! There is no programming involved. The first time I wore it, I walked around wearing this pedometer and carrying my iPhone. Both readings were close so I figure this is pretty accurate. I also am impressed with customer service. They just contacted me today to make sure I received my order and also asked me if I liked it. Good business practice on their part. I highly recommend.

Bob N.
Easy to use

My CS1 pedometer is easy to use and is working perfectly. Thank You for your prompt service and follow up regarding our satisfaction.

Mindy Lawrence
All I needed. Just perfect.

I got tired of the step counters with all the bells and whistles. I needed something simple. This one fits perfectly with what I needed and is also accurate.

Irma Jay
great product and fun to use even around my apartment and the neighborhood.

I'm 83 years old and wanted to find out how much walking I was doing in my apartment and the building in which I live. It was more than I suspected and helps me stay on the move.