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SC 3D Pedometer

The SC 3D pedometer has a built in clock and automatic resets. It saves the last 30 days of activity, including steps, miles and calories burned. No smartphone or Bluetooth required. Comes with both  a clip + lanyard.

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Good for steps, with some design flaws

I have had two of these. They seem to count steps accurately, and that's the important thing. But the clip isn't great (I've never had a pedometer that didn't have a terrible clip) and it doesn't seem to be water resistant enough to stick it in my bra. In my opinion, the biggest flaw is the placement of the buttons. Because of where they are, if I have the pedometer in my pants pocket, every day or so, the buttons get depressed in such a way as to reset the whole device. It's really annoying. If the clip went on over them, that would be perfect. It would keep them from getting pushed and I could still easily access them when I needed it. I'm going to make a cover for them and hope that helps.

Gail Deltgen

This is the third OZO pedometer that I have had. I lost one, and the second one started to have difficulty with resetting the time. This pedometer is the smallest, most informative, non-internet pedometer I have owed -- and I have been carrying a pedometer since 2006.

Susan Roedding
SC 3D Pedometer

very easy to use, the numbers are clear

Nice and simple

I'm really enjoying my new pedometer. It's simple and affordable which is just what I wanted - no smartphone app, GPS, etc. If you get your stride length set accurately it works pretty well. I've found it works in my pocket or on the lanyard around my neck, but it doesn't seem to work if you clip it to your belt or if you're wearing it under tight-fitting clothes where it can't move as much. So I just keep it in my pocket all day long. It's not 100% accurate - I went on a 2.2 mile walk the other day (according to Google Maps) and it only gave me credit for 1.7 miles. Maybe my stride length isn't set quite right. But my goal is not an exact mileage count but rather just encouraging me to get off my sedentary butt. And it's working! I've easily doubled or tripled the amount of walking I've been doing since getting this pedometer. My wife thought it was so great she bought one too! (Follow-up: Just make sure you don't lose it - my wife took hers off the lanyard, put it in the same pocket as her phone, and immediately lost it out on a hike while taking her phone out to text a friend. Never did find it even though she had the bright pink one, so now we need to buy a new one after just two days...)

Verni Brown
Pocket Pedometer

Hanging the pedometer from a lanyard didn't work for me, but putting it in my pocket seems fine and accurate enough.