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SC 3D Pedometer

The SC 3D pedometer has a built in clock and automatic resets. It saves the last 30 days of activity, including steps, miles and calories burned. No smartphone or Bluetooth required. Comes with both  a clip + lanyard.

SC 3D Size

Customer Reviews

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Eagle Skye
Curiosity about my daily steps

Received my pedometer about a month ago and I wear it every day.

Keeps good track of steps for the price margin. I'm happy I bought this.

Never buying anything from your company again

After waiting a week from when I ordered my pedometer, and receiving no status update on when my order would be sent, I contacted you [****] email address to ask for status on July 16, 2023.

No response. No idea if your company was closed for vacation. Or closed for good.

The next week, I finally received my pedometer.

And two days later, on July 25, nine days after I contacted your help email address, I finally received a reply. That my order had been delivered on July 24.

I set up the pedometer, clipped it to my waistband, only to have it fall off and into the toilet five minutes later. Because the clip was so loose. Causing the pedometer to no longer work.

Poor support after the sale. And a useless clip for a pedometer. Not a product I would recommend. And not a company I would recommend.

Helena v.
Precisely as expected

I purchased the SC 3D Pedometer because my previous OZO pedometer was reliable, durable, and easy to use. This version is even easier to use -- I'm hoping it will be just as durable.

Gail Deltgen

This is the third OZO pedometer that I have had. I lost one, and the second one started to have difficulty with resetting the time. This pedometer is the smallest, most informative, non-internet pedometer I have owed -- and I have been carrying a pedometer since 2006.

Susan Roedding
SC 3D Pedometer

very easy to use, the numbers are clear