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The Gluten Free Foodie Walking Tours of Manchester

I have a few friends who are celiac and they are always perfectly willing to let me know just how difficult it is – even with the wealth of food options we have today.

As a result of one particular friend coming round my house for a party a few weeks ago, I ended up making a Gluten Free Pie, which was extremely difficult I may add, and I think therein lies most of the problems.

Gluten Free can often be seen as a bit of an afterthought, as once venues have catered for the vegetarians and the vegans, gluten free dining usually comes in right at the end.

But there’s one person who is on a mission to make the celiac life much, much easier in Manchester is Annie Oaks, creator of ‘Follow Me For Gluten Free’ – a series of foodie Walking Tours of the city that will help you discover the best place to eat.

Her first event will be taking place on Saturday 26th February and will concentrate on SWEET Gluten Free Treats. For £25 you’ll get to visit some of the city’s very best eateries and restaurants for gluten free treats.

Annie creates an inclusive environment, so everyone feels welcome. Groups of friends and family can book private tours or individuals and small groups can book in to join others & meet new like-minded people.

The ticket price includes gluten free snacks in the stops as well as a drink to wash them all down with. It kicks off at 12 noon and should finish a few hours later, depending on group size.

For tickets to the first of Annie’s events, head on over to her website below…


Follow Me For Gluten Free – Sweet

Date: Saturday 26th February
Time: 12 noon
Cost: £25pp
Venue: Around the city centre

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