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Put on Your Walking Shoes – Healthy & Grounded

men's harmony 783 walking shoes for earthing
Grounding while you walk, in a handsome pair of black leather walkers is even better.
Shoes for earthing
Average, non-grounding shoes are fabricated with synthetic materials that block the flow of the earth’s natural energy, but Men’s Leather Grounding Walkers by Harmony783 are designed and engineered especially for earthing. Made with conductive components and special patented Groundworks™ technology, the carbon and rubber outsoles enable electrons to be fully absorbed into the shoe. The microfiber footbeds are stitched with 99.99% pure silver thread for further conductivity.

What Conductive Surfaces Enable You to Get Grounded?

Non-Conductive Surfaces Include:

grounding technology Groundworks™ Conductive Carbon & Rubber Outsoles(Image courtesy of harmony783.com)
side profile of men's walking earthing shoes
Crafted in classic black leather with tan details, these men’s walking shoes are as comfortable as they are stylish and attractive. Lined with soft leather, the midsole features bio-friendly memory foam arches and padded heels, while perforated panels on either side accommodate air flow. Extra padding at the back of the heel provides an additional cushion to guard against blisters and chafing.
men's stylish earthing grounding shoes harmony 783
Some customers have reported feeling a slight tingling sensation while first wearing Grounding Walkers; others don’t. But over time, grounding while you walk will introduce a multitude of wellness benefits, such as: greater energy, pain relief, relaxed, limber joints, reduced inflammation, and general sense of well-being.
earthing shoes for connecting to electrons on the Earth's surface
Grounding shoes are maximized when paired with grounding socks. Contact us at the link below for more details.
shoes for earthing and grounding

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