Free Self-Guided Walking Tours of New Orleans with maps

Free Self Guided French Quarter Tour

Immerse yourself in 300 years of history in the heart of New Orleans. The French Quarter is a place of constant change, settled by the French, ruled by the Spanish, occupied by the Americans, and the second-largest port of entry for Italian immigrants in the 19th century. In the 20th century, it became a haven for artists, musicians, and bohemians. Then one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. Often looking down on for being so “touristy” The French Quarter might be the oldest neighborhood in the United States. It has been continually occupied since the cities founding in 1718 and it features countless surviving examples of intact 19th century architecture. After the tour it will become apparent why New Orleans is Americas’ Most Interesting City.

Southern Louisiana has much more to offer then just New Orleans: Swamps and Bayous, Plantation tours, sleepy towns and awesome scenery. Do yourself a favor and spend at-least a day getting out of town and exploring. Pro tip: Renting a car for a day costs around $30 a day while most swamp tours cost $60 a person. So, rent a car and take our self-guided driving tour with you!

What we are about:

Nola Tour Guy is a collective of passionate guides, both men and women, who are experts in the history of New Orleans. Our goals are to give tours that are intellectually stimulating, historically accurate and FUN. We only offer walking tours because we believe that walking is the best way to see a city and learn about it and at a price everyone can afford. Nola Tour Guy offers no novelty tours only the real history brought to life by our passionate guides. Join us, you won’t be disappointed..

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