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Best Women's Walking Shoes - 2017

You're ready to start your walking program but want to make sure you avoid injury - your best defense against injury is a good pair of walking shoes. We have put together a list of the top choices of Women's Walking Shoes for 2017.

A good pair of walking shoes will help you keep good posture, reduce strain on your ligaments and provide cushion for your joints making your walks more comfortable.

You will want to choose one of the more rugged pairs of shoes if you regularly walk on trails instead of roads.

1) Brooks Addiction Walker

These shoes are not only popular with walkers but are worn by people in professions where they are on their feet all day (i.e. Nursing). These are extremely durable shoes with great support and all day comfort. There is a dual density post at the arch of the foot providing great stability, couple this with a slip resistant outsole for greater traction and you have a solid performing walking shoe. This one is highly recommended.


2) Vionic Walker

These shoes are great for someone looking for a little more arch support. Those suffering from knee or back pain generally find these shoes very comfortable. Arguably, they get better marks in the fashion department than the Brooks. 

They have a breathable mesh lining that wicks away moisture allowing your feet to breathe. They also have a water resistant full grain leather which will help keep your feet from getting soaked if you happen to get stuck walking in the rain.

They have the American Podiatric Medical Association stamp of approval as being an excellent shoe for your feet, bones, ankles and health.

3) Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2

These shoes are ideal for those with high arches or bunions as they have extra room in the toe-box area. They are equipped with a forefoot stretch area to make it more comfortable to walk for those with bunions. If you have wide feet, these might be the best choice for you. 

They are lightweight, flexible and have a high durability rubber sole which means they will last a long time. 

4) New Balance WW847 V2

This is a very light and comfortable walking shoe. They are going to be great shoes for those looking for stability and motion control through the the entire gait cycle thanks to the rollbar posting system.

The Toe-box is roomy making it a great choice for those with bunions or toe issues. They have a phantom liner technology which eliminates pressure points from seams found in other shoes. The breathable upper and liner make for a cool shoe that release heat well and is odor resistant.

Underfoot you will find a special Ndurance Rubber that will enable these shoes to last longer than normal shoes do. 

5) Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4

These are a stylish option but not for a hardcore walker, as they are not quite as durable as some of the other shoes in our list. It is a comfortable shoe that is designed to work with your own personal stride. 

They are light so you won't feel bogged down during your walks. If you're on a budget, these are a good choice. 


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