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A new chapter for Ned Dickson and his popular Heritage Walking Tours | Mudgee Guardian | Mudgee, NSW

A new chapter for Ned Dickson and his popular Heritage Walking Tours

MOVING ON: Ned is heading off to uni and partially handing the reins of his popular walking tours over. Photo: Lilli Thompson

Every Saturday morning at ten o'clock, a crowd of tourists gather at the Mudgee Memorial Clock to be guided through the town's historic sites by talented young local, Ned Dickson.

At sixteen, Ned Dickson founded his successful business, Mudgee Heritage Walking Tours, as a way to share his passion for Mudgee's history. Ned's tours showcase the rich history of Mudgee's captivating stories and stunning heritage buildings.

"I love local history, and I love the community that I have been a part of for a long, long time for my whole life," Ned said. Ned's family history is rich in Mudgee, with the Dickson family having founded the town's first department store after their arrival in 1852.

Ned is no stranger to the Mudgee community, having been the 2020 School Captain of Mudgee High School, as well as the recipient of the award for the Young Citizen of the Year from Mid-Western Regional Council.

Booming business

Mudgee Heritage Walking Tours wasn't an overnight success. At first, Ned wasn't expecting much with his tours only guiding a few people every Saturday morning. It wasn't until Ned started advertising with the local tourist office, that he saw his business begin to flourish.

"It really took off, and now I do multiple tours a day," Ned said. "I've faced a heap of different challenges, and a lot of criticism but it's all about perseverance. Do what you love, there is no point trying to build something you don't enjoy. I love history and I love our region, and I love our community."

Ned's hard work, dedication and love of history has earned him his own radio show and Ned is also occasionally a guest speaker at Lions Clubs meetings, CWA meetings, and the local primary schools.

Ned's new chapter

Ned will be leaving for Sydney on February 18 to pursue his other passion, gardening. Ned will be studying a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Technology, Sydney.

"I have always loved gardening, so designing people's dream gardens would be my number one dream job," Ned said. "A lot of people in town would know me as so and so's gardener because I have done a heap of gardening all over town ever since I was in year seven."

What the future holds for Walking Tours

Ned's tours will continue to operate every Saturday morning at ten o'clock at the corner of Market and Church Street. Mudgee Heritage Walking Tours has just employed its first employee, Sam, who will be taking over the tours in Ned's absence.

"I will be coming back every three weeks and will be taking over my tours to give Sam a bit of a break. I will be back a fair bit, but Mudgee will always be home," Ned said.

Watch Ned being interviewed about Mudgee Heritage Walking Tours on Sky News at 9 o'clock in the evening on Thursday 25 February.

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