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Golf lessons or new gear? It's golf's most tedious debate and it happens every year!

It’s January. And that means one of my least favourite types of golfer emerges from the woodwork for their moment of glory. These men – and it’s always men – are a year-round nuisance, but this particular time of year is their time to shine. 

I’m talking about you, Get Lessons Guy. 

It’s started to rival “grow the game” as golf’s most irritable stock response.  

“Hey, have you seen the new driver from TaylorMade?” 

“I’m thinking about buying the latest Titleist wedges.” 

“These updated Ping irons look great.” 

Honestly, I’d rather be trapped in a lift with Mashed Potato Guy than spend any time conversing with this lot. 

The emergence of social media hasn’t helped the problem. Get Lessons Guys, seemingly at random, fire digital pelters at golfers who had the audacity to comment on a new piece of equipment.  

How do they know they’re not having lessons as well as buying new gear? And when did we decide it was socially acceptable to tell people what they can and can’t spend their money on? And, perhaps most importantly, are they hacking round with a set of persimmons? 

Of course lessons are a fine way to improve your game. The +3 handicapper at our club probably spends more time chucking money at the pro than anyone – us hackers are a bit stubborn like that, aren’t we? – but I also know a chap who slices more than a Hovis factory that has just upgraded to a so-called draw-bias driver and I’ve never seen him hit as many fairways. 

Sometimes it’s OK to accept that the technology works. It’s why the manufacturers put so much time and resource into it.  

Me? I’ve got a bit of a mixed bag myself. An eclectic walk down memory lane of golf innovation over the past three decades. I’ve been known to splash the cash and treat myself to a new driver – how could any of us resist that yellow square head? – but I’ve also got a putter that, well, if I told you it was the first ever made, it would probably take you a moment to realise I’m pulling your leg. 

One of my regular playing partners has been hitting the same irons since Tiger Woods was a cub. He finally caved and upgraded to something brand, spanking new and you would think he’d just discovered fire. The man is peppering greens like never before. 

Oh, and I also get lessons. And so does he. Because we need them. And so do you. If you book in a series of golf dates with your pro, your game will no doubt improve. 

But it’s important that you know it’s your choice. 

Have you experienced a Get Lessons Guy? Or maybe you are one? Let Angry Club Golfer know in the comments, or tweet him.

Is there anything more annoying than someone telling you how to spend your money? The Angry Club Golfer has – once again – had enough

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