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6 golf tips to help golfers shape shots on command

There aren’t many better feelings in golf than visualizing the perfect shape for a shot and actually pulling it off. While I’m great at hitting shots that shape in all different directions, I’m not as good at it being the shape I envisioned. But we all can improve. To help us do so, I've collected six of the best shot-shaping tips on GolfPass.

Tip 1: Goldilocks driving drill

This Clay Ballard driving tip on shot shaping is a simple concept that is both fun to do and will help dial in shot shaping with the big stick. Just like Goldilocks and her porridge, trial and error is often a great way to find the swing that is just right.

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Goldilocks Driving Drill

Tip 2: Working the ball – draws and fades

This Devan Bonebrake segment from The Golf Fix is wonderful because it takes golfers to the course and walks them through the correct thinking on the tee box, as well as how to execute those thoughts.

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Working The Ball – Draws and Fades

Tip 3: Master your mid-irons

A lot of shot-shaping success happens before starting the swing. John Montgomery has a great visualization tip in the second part of this segment from Build A Better Game: Through The Bag that will help golfers see shots better. Sometimes it’s best to just let natural athleticism take over when hitting draws or fades, and this tip will help.

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Master Your Mid-Irons

Tip 4: High trajectory draw

I had to pick one segment from the Rory McIlroy series that focuses solely on how to shape shots in all different directions. This one breaks down his most famous shot type, the high draw.

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High Trajectory Draw

Tip 5: Make your practice creative

The last two tips are fun ways to improve creativity on the range, which I believe ultimately is what makes someone a great shot shaper. Bubba Watson’s ability to shape the ball wasn’t formed out of technical swing thoughts, but rather seeing shots and hitting them. Golf is hard and practicing can be tedious, so it’s important to have fun and just be a kid when doing so.

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Make Your Practice Creative

Tip 6: Play holes on the range

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